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Welcome to The Tokoza Group, South Africa's premier cut-flower farm specializing in exquisite roses. As the largest rose cultivator in the region, our mission is twofold: to deliver uncompromising quality and to champion environmental stewardship.

Third Generation Farm for the Future

Over the last 35 years, our farm has grown into the largest producer of fresh-cut roses in South Africa. We proudly supply roses, lisianthus, and snapdragons for Woolworths ZA. Our high-quality blooms can also be found at the Multiflora flower market located in Johannesburg. Support local, support South African business owners, and let's grow the flower industry together!


Beyond our dedication to quality, we hold a deep respect for the environment that sustains us. We are passionate about treading lightly on the Earth, and this is why we have undertaken the ambitious goal of achieving a zero impact on the environment. Through innovative and sustainable farming practices, we strive to minimize our carbon footprint, reduce waste, and safeguard the delicate ecosystems around us.


At Tokoza Roses, we nurture every bloom with meticulous care, ensuring that each rose embodies the epitome of beauty, fragrance, and elegance. Our commitment to excellence drives us to consistently provide our customers with the finest, hand-picked roses that bring joy to every occasion.

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